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vip-plainWant to learn how to use blog marketing to build a successful online business?

The Blog Marketing Academy shows you how to run your own profitable business on the Web.



clockThe One Minute Review of The Blog Marketing Academy

What is it?  The Blog Marketing Academy is an online training course with a focus on using blogging as an effective marketing communication tool to attract traffic, build an audience and make profitable sales.

What’s inside? Webinars, videos, podcasts, PDFs, templates, members forum, live mastermind sessions and on-going support.

Who is it for? Complete beginners to online marketing and blogging.

How much?  $38.50 per month or one year membership option with two free months.  Quit whenever you want.

How can I join?  Go to 

How can I find out more? Keep reading. The full review follows…

vip-plainBlog Marketing Academy – Full Review by BreakingOutBusiness

What is The Blog Marketing Academy?

First of all, maybe I should start by making clear what it is NOT.

It’s easy at first glance to jump to the conclusion that this is a course for writers. For “bloggers” and people who want to become creative writers.

It’s not.

The key is in the second word – Marketing.

This course is called the Blog Marketing Academy (and not the “Blog Academy”) for very good reason.

The Blog Marketing Academy is a training program which shows you how to utilize blogging to build your own successful online business.

In other words, learning how to use online marketing communications – ie “blogging” – in order to create and run a profitable web-based business.

So, with that out of the way, lets examine the Blog Marketing Academy in more detail.

The Blog Marketing Academy is a practical training program and a mastermind support group, started in 2006 by American David Risley.

Like me, David is a computer tech guy turned online publisher and internet marketer. David is still active in the computer technical niche market today. David Risley has been an online entrepreneur now for over 15 years.

David believes to be successful, all business has to have a primary, driving motivation beyond just making money. Money is the by-product of serving others and of fulfilling a mission. In other words, your business should have a mission.

That mission should involve helping people.

And to help people, you need to know how to communicate successfully with them.

All profitable business is about communicating successfully with your audience.

And since the Internet is a communication medium, knowing how to communicate with your audience through the Web is vital if you are to be successful with online business.

This is where Blog Marketing Academy comes in.

David Risley launched the Blog Marketing Academy to provide professional, practical training for new entrepreneurs in the skills of starting and running a successful online business.

Unlike many blogging training programs, the Blog Marketing Academy is based on the premise that you should utilize blogging, not primarily to sell advertising space, but as a MARKETING platform to sell products and services to your audience.

The Blog Marketing Academy training is based on David’s own practical experience over the years first as a blogger, then as a Web marketer proper.

David realised the key to building a successful business online is not blogging per se, but rather in using blogging as a marketing device to promote your business.

The Blog Marketing Academy helps new entrepreneurs build their online marketing platform to sell their products and services to the people who need them.

It shows you how to utilize the power of content marketing – blogging, information products, videos, podcasting, email marketing and so on.

The Academy is the ideal training program for small business owners, online marketers and bloggers.

What Will I Learn From Blog Marketing Academy?

The main part of the Academy training is a series of training assignments designed to get you actively applying and actually USING the information that you are learning.

The Academy program goes beyond conventional “blogging”. It includes how to utlize podcasting, video, webinars, social media, email marketing and a great deal more.

Here’s a rundown of some of the things you’ll learn..

Membership of the Blog Marketing Academy teaches you:

  • how to set up a blog that actually converts visitors into customers who buy from you
  • how not to be a blogger, but rather a business owner with a blog
  • how to build a solid base of loyal readers and prospects
  • how to use blogging as an effective marketing tool to communicate with your audience
  • how to avoid wasting your valuable time or getting information overload

The Blog Marketing Academy provides you with:

  • Core Training Based On The Academy Roadmap, so you have a clear path to follow.
  • Access to the Academy members-only “What’s Working Now” blog, giving you exclusive, insider updates on the latest tools and tactics.
  • Access to the Academy Forums and the private Facebook group, so you can get the help you need from David and fellow members.
  • Access to bi-weekly mastermind calls, so that everyone can communicate in real time and help and mentor each other.

What I Like Most About Blog Marketing Academy

You receive active support from the Academy staff, including David Risley himself.

This is truly interactive training which David takes seriously.

So not only are you learning about the practice of online business, you are actively applying the skills and receiving mentoring and feedback as you do so.

In particular I like David’s straightforward, down to earth style.

I also like the fact that, like me, he’s an IT tech person turned online marketer. Also unlike many IT technical people, he understands what real business is about, and he understands the importance of successful marketing communications.

Another definite plus is that the techniques and strategies he teaches are based on his own personal practical experience gathered over some one and a half decades of online marketing and business.

David also provides webinar-based evaluations of your website done by himself – and these are extremely useful.

What I DON’T Like About Blog Marketing Academy

This is a really great training program which contains solid practical material. The presentation is also superb.

So defining what I don’t like about it is a little tougher to answer.

The site can seem a little disorganized at times. This is due to the fact that the Academy has been going though a revamp and reorganization.

The Blog Marketing Academy actually grew out of another site and program run by David, called which was originally launched in 2008.

In 2012, David then rebranded and rebuilt into the Blog Marketing Academy.

As a result, the Blog Marketing Academy has been a bit of a building site at times.

Also, some of the topics need to be given more in-depth treatment. But David is adding to this material all the time so this will be rectified in due course.

My Verdict On Blog Marketing Academy

An excellent training course in business-based blogging and online marketing.

It’s presented by someone who has a wealth of first-hand experience in online business himself and so understands solid business and marketing principles. There is no spammy “get rich quick online” stuff to be found here – and that’s refreshing and reassurring.

And it’s great value for money as well.

On the whole, a great training program for newcomers to online business and online marketing.

How To Join The Blog Marketing Academy

The Blog Marketing Academy has two membership terms, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Per month membership at $38.50 monthly subscription

One year membership at $385 advance subscription for 12 months – an effective monthly rate of $32.08.  In effect, you’re getting TWO FULL MONTHS FREE by paying in advance.

Not only that, but all membership options for the Blog Marketing Academy come with a Full Money Back Guarantee if for any reason you should be dissatisfied.

If you want to get started building a solid, profitable online business, then David Risley’s Blog Marketing Academy is the ideal training and mentoring program.

Check out David Risley’s Blog Marketing Academy at

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