How To Simplify Your Bookkeeping – AND Cut Your Accounting Costs

kashflow_accountingdoitself_250x300If you’re a small business, you’ll know that traditional accounting systems are complex and expensive.

Fortunately there’s now a great alternative.

Cloud based accounting.

Kashflow – Cloud based Accounting for Small Businesses

There’s one cloud based accounting package which has been taking the small business market by storm.

It’s called Kashflow and it’s a UK-based accounting system now rated as one of the top four best cloud based bookkeeeping systems by the accountancy profession.

Kashflow is a low-cost cloud accounting software service specially designed to meet the needs of small businesses, freelancers and sole traders.

Kashflow enables you to maintain your financial accounting without having to install or maintain proprietary software on your PC.

The great thing about Kashflow is that it’s so simple to install and very easy to use. What’s more, because it’s a Web-based service, you can access it from anywhere – as well as from any computer.

The Story of Kashflow

Duane Jackson was a computer programmer who started a software development company.

He found the accounting software then available for his business was complex, expensive, and hard to use.

So he decided to program his own and better accounting system for his business.

Duane then discovered other businesses were also interested in using the system.

So he made the software available as a cloud based service for other businesses as well.

And with that Kashflow was born.

Kashflow is now recognized by the accountancy profession as one of the top four best cloud bookkeeping services on the market.

Kashflow Is Much Easier To Use Than Traditional Accounting Software

Traditional accounting packages are highly complex – as anyone who has used them knows. You need specialized training in order to understand them. And using them is also very time-consuming.

Kashflow is designed to be user-friendly. The Kashflow user interface and design is intuitive and makes it easy to use. You just log in to your Kashflow account and you can get straight to work.

Entering data, logging receipts, invoices, ingoings and outgoings are all simple and straightforward with Kashflow. What’s more, Kashflow automatically generates all the reports you need – including current UK tax and VAT return forms.

Here’s How Kashflow Can Help You

Kashflow Makes It Easy To Get Started

With Kashflow, there’s no software to install, maintain or upgrade. Because Kashflow is cloud based, you just set up your Kashflow account and away you go.

Kashflow Saves You Time

Because Kashflow is so much easier to use than old clunky PC-based software, you’ll be able to get your accounting chores done in much less time than with traditional accounting systems.

Kashflow Does Not Require Any Training

And as using Kashflow is so simple and intuitive, you don’t need any previous accounting knowledge. Nor do you need to purchase any expensive training courses to learn how to use the system.

Kashflow is FAST

Unlike traditional accounting software Kashflow loads and starts extremely fast.

You simply go to the Kashflow website, log in to your account – and you’re away.

You Can Access Kashflow From Anywhere

Since Kashflow is a cloud based accounting system, you can use Kashflow no matter where you are.

You no longer have to be sitting in the office when you want to work on your bookkeeping.  With Kashflow all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection. You can access the Kashflow system and your data no matter where you are.

Kashflow Is Much Cheaper Than Traditional Accounting Software

Unlike traditional PC-based accounting software, Kashflow does not charge per PC or per-user. There are no individual licenses to purchase for Kashflow. You simply pay a low monthly subscription.

This saves you money – and that’s also a BIG plus!

Say Goodbye To Paper Archives With Kashflow

Another great thing about Kashflow is that you can say goodbye to paper accounting journals and ledgers. Everything you need is included and kept safe in your Kashflow account.

Kashflow Integrates With Online Payment Systems

Kashflow also integrates well with online payment systems. There are also add-ons available from third-parties for e-commerce applications.

Kashflow is Recognized By Most Accountants

Kashflow is now recognized practically as a standard by many professional bookkeeping and accountancy firms. So you can rest assured your accountant will be able to work with your Kashflow accounting data.

With Kashflow Your Data Is Secure

Kashflow takes security very seriously.

Kashflow’s servers are as secure as banks and you always have full control over your logins and passwords.

What’s more, having your accounting data kept securely in your Kashflow account means you always have an offsite storage location for your data.

The same SSL encryption techniques used by all major internet banking facilities and online e-commerce transactions systems are also deployed by Kashflow. This high level of encryption ensures your data is always secure in transit.

Kashflow also protects your data against any intrusion. The servers that power Kashflow are protected by an advanced firewall and the entire system is monitored 24 hours a day for any suspicious activity.

Kashflow also deploys a real-time backup at a separate data centre at another location. So even if there should be any technical problem at the main data centre Kashflow always continues running with zero data loss.

Kashflow Provides Round The Clock Support At No Extra Charge

Kashflow’s knowledgeable team provides assistance and support 24 hours a day, whether it’s your first time and you need assistance with the set up, or you are already a long-term client.

Kashflow is Ideal For UK Businesses

As Kashflow are based in the UK, the system is fully compliant with all current accounting and tax rules and regulations that apply to British businesses.

Try Kashflow For 14 Days Absolutely Free!

See for yourself how Kashflow can make your accounting so much easier – and cheaper.

You can now trial Kashflow completely free of charge for 14 days – and with no obligation.

Visit and grab your FREE 14 Day Kashflow Trial NOW


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