Escape From Corporate America


Want To Escape From Corporate America?

The BreakingOut Guide To How To Quit Corporate Slavery is my new book for all those who want to escape corporate America and create a better future for themselves.

Large numbers of employees are disillusioned with their so-called “professional” corporate jobs and want to found a better alternative for the future.

Yet all too many people get discouraged and held back from taking the step into entrepreneurship.

Whether it’s through a combination of their own thinking, the influence of people around them, or the attitudes of society in general.

The fact is, too many people don’t even get to the first stage of starting a business.

With this book I want to change this and give people hope.


Want To Escape From Corporate America?

The BreakingOut Guide To How To Quit Corporate Slavery developed out of a series of posts I wrote over the course of the past few years on my entrepreneur blog called BreakingOut.

People were saying to me “Why don’t you write a book about quitting corporate employment and starting your own business?”

My reply was always that books take too long to write, they involve too much work, and in any case I’m too busy and just don’t have the time to spare.

But then I realized I’d now written a great deal about my practical experience of quitting the corporate nine to five and becoming an entrepreneur. It would be relatively straightforward to edit this content together and add additional material and with that I would have the book on the subject.

My BreakingOut blog was also getting a lot of visitors and search hits on the subject of “quitting corporate slavery”. The site was now number one in the Google search results listings for this very subject.

I knew also from the email I was getting that there was massive interest in this topic from people from literally all over the world. So I decided to sit down and get to work writing the book.

There are already plenty of boring business books out there which are basically just resource lists of business ideas, or practical workbooks showing you how to register your business, talk to your accountant, work out your cash-flow, and do your profit calculations and so on.

My book takes a different approach.

My aim is to help inspire and motivate people who want to quit corporate slavery to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve something better in their life and future. To help them actively take control of their own destiny for themselves. If you want to escape from corporate America, then this is the book for you!

There’s an old saying: Those who don’t have plans of their own will be put to work to fulfill the plans of others.

You don’t have to settle for being a worker in corporate America. Most people are capable of achieving much much more than they have been led to believe.

It’s a question of self-motivation, changing your mindset, and setting new goals for yourself.

What’s more, there’s never been a better time than now for people who are willing to get entrepreneurial. The digital economy is now established and it’s still growing fast.

You can reach markets and customers easily via the Web. As a result, there are great opportunities out there right now – provided you are willing to grasp them. Get out while you can. Escape from corporate America and make more of your life and future!

The BreakingOut Guide To How To Quit Corporate Slavery aims to give hope to people stuck in dreary corporate jobs. The message is that you CAN escape and create a much better life and future for yourself.

This book will help you work out what you really want in your life and for your future and ask yourself the questions: what kind of lifestyle, what kind of work activity, what goals do YOU want to set for yourself?

The Breaking Out Guide To How To Quite Corporate Slavery

TheBreakingOutGuideToHowToQuitCorporateSlaveryThe BreakingOut Guide To How To Quit Corporate Slavery shows you it’s possible and viable for you to quit corporate America and become an entrepreneur.

The BreakingOut Guide To How To Quit Corporate Slavery is available now. Click on the link below for more info and a look inside The BreakingOut Guide To How To Quit Corporate Slavery.

Click Here For More Details About The BreakingOut Guide To How To Quit Corporate Slavery

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